Paopurri Productions
Art & Cosplay by Jae
  • Jax, FL

    Does anyone have an extra code they’d like to share? :(

    September 13 + 0

    Cosplayer: Jae Hernandez (me!)
    Character: Karai

    September 13 + 12
    • So... I found out today that I have to sell one of my four day passes to New York Comic Con. The other person that was supposed to with me has come to the conclusion that they will not be able to afford a hotel stay and various other convention costs.
    • If you're interested in taking pass off my hands, please message me. : )
    September 08 + 1

    I’m a huge fan of this shot tbh. After a few retouches and a proper primping of plumage, my cosplay is back to being con-ready!

    September 05 + 22



    Hyrule Warriors concept art!

    aw man they shoulda kept the wings on Zelda

    September 03 + 7856

    I can has ur soul now?

    eeeee I’m super happy with the way this is turning out! I’ll be putting winged headbands up on my storenvy soon! :3

    August 31 + 20

    Revamping my Lilith! Huehuehue.

    Also, to see more of my progress on this and my other cosplays, check me out on Instagram too! (I’m paopurri there, too!)

    August 31 + 8

    Cosplay: Raven (New 52)
    Cosplayer: Jae Hernandez
    Photography by F. Santos

    Prints available at

    Pick one up today and support an aspiring cosplayer!

    August 30 + 279


    yikes that’s one evil witch.

    August 26 + 3166